DynaComm Corporation provides the following services for personal and business accounts.

Web Serving - DynaComm offers integrated support using the Apache web server for HTTP/1.1, Common Gateway Interface (CGI) and Perl and PHP scripting support.

RAID Arrays- DynaComm servers includes RAID arrays, which ensures the availability of content in the event of disk failure through data redundancy.

Bandwidth Management - On a per-IP-address basis, traffic can be managed to a pre-selected throughput rate.

SQL Database Support - DynaComm servers integrate the InterBase 6 SQL database, a powerful, high-performance database designed for business-critical, network and Web-based applications.

Email Services - Services include mail accounts for each domain, automatic vacation responses, automatic forwarding and group mailing lists. These services are managed by the client. Email services also include SMTP, IMAP, and POP3 protocol support.

Active Server Pages (ASP) and PHP Support - Enables application and web-developers to build and maintain dynamic web applications with live database connectivity.

Front Page 2000 Server Extensions

Java Runtime Environment

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